8 Business Etiquette Tips
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Dec 26, 2022

Business etiquette involves a code or standard that is expected of employees at a firm when it comes to behavior. It typically involves rules and guidelines surrounding time, eye contact, dining etiquette, and dress code. These rules are unspoken, and they develop through the expectation being built and upheld by the members of the organization. 

Abiding by the business etiquette is not just a must in order for the firm to flourish externally, but internally as well. 

Benefits of Abiding By Business Etiquette 

– It creates a professional environment that clients can clearly see 

– It fosters a healthy work environment where individuals feel respected – Better clientele relationship expands business 

8 Business Etiquette Tips 

1- Dress appropriately 

What is the nature of your work? Do your working hours depend on meeting with clients, therefore requiring business casual attire? Or does the culture of your workplace value comfort as a method for productivity? Monitor the way others dress in the organization, and make sure to stick to the dress code established. 

2- Proof read before you send emails 

Making mistakes while writing emails is completely normal, especially when you’re juggling other tasks at hand. Having grammar or spelling mistakes in your emails can come across as unprofessional and rushed. Taking a few minutes to reread emails is an essential aspect of business etiquette. 

3- Don’t interrupt 

Giving others a chance to share their input in meetings, even if we disagree with them, is the way to have effective communication. Fruitful and up-building conversations can’t happen if they’re only one-way. Interrupting others while they speak can come across as hostile and overbearing. 

4- Be considerate of time 

A lack of punctuality can show a lack of professionalism, whereas showing up on time shows that you value other people’s time. Not only being considerate in that aspect, but also being mindful of when you reach out to other coworkers. When you contact other coworkers, make sure that it’s at a time that is appropriate and convenient to them.

5- Respect staff room protocol 

Not just the staff room, but any shared space in the organization should be kept organized and clean. Honoring and respecting shared spaces looks a lot like cleaning after yourself. Shared spaces can also be documents, and they must be kept private as well. 

6- Greet everyone 

Greeting your coworkers can make you seem approachable to others, which will help you make friendly connections at work. When introducing yourself, make sure that you also pay attention to the other person’s name. 

7- Watch your language 

Not only does using rude and derogatory terms negatively impact relationships within the firm, but it’s also a negative reflection of the person and the organization as a whole. In addition to offensive language, make sure to avoid slang and maintain a formal tone when addressing other people in your organization. 

8- Be fully present 

Avoid using your phone during meetings, since others will assume you are uninterested. This can create hostility between coworkers, and hinder productivity and efficiency. To show interest, maintain eye contact and ask follow up questions. 

Reflection Questions 

– How do you treat clients or customers? 

– Do you follow dress codes? 

– Do I show respect for shared spaces and items?

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