COVID-19: The Ultimate Drill
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Jun 8, 2020

Agilityhelps performance in activities that require you to change direction quickly whilst keeping balance, strength, speed and body control. Although speed and power can benefitagility, the main improvements in performance come from learning the skill of turning, moving limbs and pivoting quickly.[1]

Whether it’s Messi in football, Steph Curry in basketball or Roger Federer in Tennis, being able to change direction quickly is a main and key ability that can decide games altogether.
To be able to alter the flow of the game, or simply be able to react quickly enough to the new movement from the opponent, are two vital components of any successful athlete’s arsenal.

The latter is more relatable for obvious reasons.

The pandemic is undoubtedly one of the most shocking events to take the world by storm since perhaps 9/11. Its impact on our societies and cultures worldwide will have a long lasting effect on every aspect.

Whether it be working hours, healthcare systems, economic policy shifts, or even new ways of queuing; nothing will be the same.

In light of this once in a lifetime event, we’ve all tried to endure this upheaval each in our own way.

In many countries, the worst has passed and plans to try and reopen their economies are underway. As we begin to look forward, what can we expect to have learned from this seismic crisis?

Perhaps in the future we will better evaluate and understand what has transpired over these past few months.
One thing for sure, is that some people were able to come out of it better than others.

The factors to account for in such a statement are obviously immense with many issues such as socio-economic status and privileges coming into play.

But what of those who had pretty similar circumstances going into the crisis but came out differently?
Shouldn’t we ask ourselves what sets some people from others apart when dealing with such issues so we could better improve our response and overall handling of obstacles?

One such example that explains the difference is agility.

Much like athletes facing constantly changing scenarios, some people are able to deal with abrupt changes in their realities with relative ease.

This allows them to continuously adapt to an ever-changing landscape and that gives them a tremendous advantage in comparison with their peers.

You will rarely find one of these individuals reeling too much from a loss, or experiencing shock.

They’re usually distinguished by certain traits:

  • Little to no attachment to material things
  • No fear of failure
  • Strong goal oriented mentality
  • Quick decision making
  • Healthy and clear perception of reality

With little hesitation, agile individuals are able to overcome losses and move on to the next phase. They are always ready to leave something behind immediately as soon as they realize it might hold them back.

They have a strong belief in their abilities and will not dread taking risks knowing that they might have to change once again their route upon failing.

One thing that doesn’t change for them, is that their eyes are fixed on the prize. They will re-engineer whatever obstacle in their path and find a new and different path to their goal no matter the cost.

To be able to accomplish these feats, they need two irreplaceable skills; the ability to have an accurate outlook on reality as well as sharp quick decision making.

To change direction quickly, you need to have an adequate ability of reading the terrain well to properly calculate your next move.

And once having appraised what’s ahead accurately, taking a sharp and fast decision is indispensable for this process as opposed to getting delayed in rationalizing the best course of action.

COVID-19 has taught us many lessons and has scolded us heavily. Lives were lost, livelihoods and savings wasted.
We must be able to find our way past it, and to do that without agility almost guarantees one’s journey in life grinding to a halt.

Learn to take fewer steps in making your decisions, and teach yourself how to better see what’s coming.

[1] “BBC Sport Academy | In the Gym | Features | Whys Agility Important?” BBC News. BBC, September 1, 2003. helps performance in activities,strength, speed and body control.&text=Although speed and power can,moving limbs and pivoting quickly.

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