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Job Burnout: How To Spot & Take Action

Job burnout is a type of mental, physical, or emotional exhaustion that is work-related. Thefeelings of depletion impact one's mental wellbeing and overall motivation and performance atwork. Burnout...

The Impact of Sports on Community Development

Sports, whether engaging in it or cheering for it, has always been a method of bringing people together in unity. It gives a sense of unity to the people playing in teams, and also for people...

How Personal Development Impacts Your Career?

Personal development plays a big role in one’s career. An individual’s ability to grow as acharacter ultimately impacts the way they communicate, learn, get tasks done, and solveproblems. There are...

How To Maintain Work-Life Balance

When juggling the responsibilities of work and personal life, it can get difficult to draw a line between both. Maintaining a work-life balance looks like balancing the time spent on work with the...

Work Habits That Will Improve Your Career

Our characters are made up of the decisions that we make, and those decisions are shaped by a series of choices that turn into habits. Our daily habits pour into other areas of our lives, including...

5 Ways to Take Care of Your Mental Health

Our mental health is determined by multiple factors that can be on a social, economic, andindividual basis. It is our state of wellbeing that impacts other areas in our lives, like our abilityto...

5 New Year Resolutions to Cultivate Personal Growth

' The beginning of a new year is always a time of reflection, re-evaluation, and retrospection for many. It’s a time people use as a fresh start and a fresh opportunity to rid themselves of an...

8 Business Etiquette Tips

Business etiquette involves a code or standard that is expected of employees at a firm when it comes to behavior. It typically involves rules and guidelines surrounding time, eye contact, dining...

How to Empower Women at Work

Encouraging diversity and empowering women in the workplace is one of the most importantaspects of creating long-term employees. Not only does women empowerment positively impacta firm's overall...

The Importance of Team Bonding

Bonding with coworkers is not only important for the efficiency of the firm, but it’s alsoimportant for the mental and emotional wellbeing of employees. Like a cycle, emotionalwellbeing and...

The simulation was very professional and inspiring, and the trainers were very helpful and knowledgeable

Program Advisor, GIZ


Flexible, professional and customer focused

HR& Admin Senior Director, IMC

What you taught me on these two days changed my life

Head of operations committee, Enactus Misr University

By everyone’s testimony, this is the best team building we have ever had so far

HR Manager, PepsiCo Egypt

The training was a turning point in my life

Graduate, ECDC Program

Being a single Mum, I am not afraid of society, I discovered a lot of things about myself.

A single mum

Now we are able to use experiential learning techniques to make study fun and interesting.

A School Teacher

Thank you Aspire, I learned something real and not fake.

A university Student

An exceptional experience

Corporate Enterprise Director, Vodafone Egypt

A very professional team, our expectations were surpassed

Country Manager, Boehringer Ingelheim



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