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Career Coaching is a solution-based approach that aims at helping individuals make decisions for their careers

Learning Philosophy


Career Coaching is a solution-based approach to help individuals make sound decisions when it comes to their career through partnerships using experiential learning techniques using different tools and enriching the knowledge of coaches by increasing their awareness of neuroscience and how that helps in better understanding the clients’ mindset. We educate the coaches to help their clients with their self discovery and to improve the quality of their lives.

Vision of being a coaching provider

To coach individuals, through a journey of self exploration, to reach their career aspirations, realize their life-time purpose and inspire deep lasting transformation in the Egyptian community by helping students in the educational sector or adults in their organizations.

Mission of being a coaching provider

To deliver unrivaled integrated experiences in every career coaching class we implement, using a unique methodology combining knowledge, experience & innovation.

Statement on Ethics, Integrity & Transparency


Aspire’s values are providing the following for its clients: Impact, constant improvement, collaboration, daring to be different, accountability & service. Aspire ensures that implementing these values especially in career coaching services is done with strict alignment to ICF code of ethics, providing a high level of integrity and transparency in client relations and in dealing with unexpected and extraordinary situations that might arise. This will ensure that Aspire provides this service in a professional and safe environment; allowing its clients to learn and grow, enabling them to reach their maximum potential.

About The Coaches

Tamer Isaac

Tamer Isaac

Senior Career Coach

Abeer Iskander

Abeer Iskander

Senior Career Coach

Mina Amir

Mina Amir

Senior Career Coach

School Objectives

  • Understand how to become an effective coach and how does that compare to a counselor, trainer or psychiatrist.
  • Understand and apply ICF ethical standards during coaching sessions.
  • Learn how to help the client clarify the coaching goal and manage expectations of the coaching relationship.
  • Learn how coaches should continuously develop themselves to serve their clients better.
  • Train the coaches to help the clients explore themselves, beyond their current understanding, using the different coaching techniques.
  • Train the coaches on how to manage difficult and different cases in coaching sessions.
  • Help the coaches develop a coaching mindset enabling them to help their clients learn about themselves and about the world of work in an environment of trust and safety.
  • Develop the ability of coaches to use different sources and tools to help their clients explore career opportunities and be able to reach their optimum role or job.
  • Develop the ability of coaches to help their clients set their action plan clearly to be able to reach concrete objectives.

School Content

A. Introduction to coaching, differentiating it from training, counseling and therapy.

B. Clear understanding of the role of an effective coach.

C. Profound understanding and application of the 8 ICF core competencies for coaching in the following 4 main areas:

    • Foundation (Demonstrating ethical practice, Embodying a coaching mindset).
    • Co-Creating The Relationship (Establishing and maintaining coaching agreements, cultivating trust and safety, maintain coaching presence).
    • Communicating Effectively (listening actively, evoking awareness).
    • Cultivating Learning & Growth (facilitating client growth).

D. Training the participants on running actual coaching sessions using coaching techniques, in the form of role plays throughout the school.

E. Provide knowledge on career coaching through well-known theories and models in addition to learning how to apply them in different coaching sessions.

F. Practice the use of 5 different widely used tools in facilitating the exploration and learning for clients in coaching sessions

School Duration

110 hours

Two days per week 

School requirements

  • Bachelor Degree
  • Minimum 2 years working experience

School Rules & Regulations

The participant will not receive a certificate if any of the following incidents occurred:


  • Absence exceeds 6 hours.
  • Any of the homework is not delivered on time.
  • Score of the final written exam is lower than 75%

More Information About School

Aspire Training Solutions - Egypt

110 Hours

English /Arabic

Offline and Online

Individuals who wish to continue as free lance career coaches,


Payment/Fees Policy(S)

  • Payment may be done in cash or credit at our office or through a bank transfer as per the details below

Bank Name: Credit Agricole Egypt

Account Name: Aspire For Training

ID Number: 100506560

Currency: EGP

Account Number: 00241100016257


Branch: Heliopolis- 72 Omar Ibn El Khattab Street

Complaint/Grievance policy

We encourage all feedback from customers, including complaints. Aspire has developed a complaints policy and an associated complaints procedure. Our Complaints Procedure provides clear information on how individual complaints will be handled by the Aspire team. If any participants wish to send any complaints during the course of the program or after it is completed, they should follow the below details: 

  • Administrative complaints (registration, payment, links ,venue, etc.) please send o the email: [email protected] 
  • Content Complaints (content of program, material, etc.) please send to the email: [email protected] 
  • Instructors/Coaches complaints (attitude of instructor, competence, communication, etc.) please send to the email: [email protected] 

All complaints will be reviewed and within 48 hours and a reply will be sent back to the sender. 

Enrollment Agreement

Please Click Here to proceed to the application form

Partial completion policy

If a participant is absent for more than 6 hours, and fails to complete all or any of the assignments and evaluations, for emergency reasons like work, illness or travel, he/she is required to submit documents to prove the reason for partial completion and all should be sent to the following email : [email protected]

The participant will have up to 6 months to complete assignments for completion or transfer to a different class and finish the program. In the above case the participant would be provided with a document stating the number of hours completed but will not be provided with the certificate of completion until he/she complete the required hours, assignments and evaluations.

Refund policy

Any payment that is done is non-refundable unless force majeure happened to the participant, supported by offical documents proving it

Illness policy

Any illness reported by any participant in the middle of the program needs to be supported by medical documents to be submitted to the following email : [email protected] , stating the full diagnosis and number of days required to be absent from the program. 

Disability/Discrimination/DEIJ statement

Aspire training solutions aims at creating a professional and safe environment for its employees and clients living its core values of Impact, constant improvement, collaboration, daring to be different & service. By extending its services across different sectors and different communities in the country, Aspire has illustrated that dealing with diverse cultures and exercising inclusion of different mind thoughts is key to its success and growth. Through its programs whether in coaching or training of different ages/genders/ethnicities/abilities, Aspire makes sure that communication and implementation is done with high emphasis on equality and justice to give equal chances for all to learn and grow.

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