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The Power of Consistency

By definition, consistency is the state of behaving in a uniform manner. This uniform manner canlead to a specific outcome, and if it’s positive, then the outcome will be a desirable one. Ourhabits,...

Integrity at the Workplace

Having integrity means having moral and strong values that guide your actions without havingan expectation of receiving an award for doing them. It means doing what is right when no one iswatching...

The Culture of Accountability

Accountability is being held responsible for one’s actions and behaviors. In addition to actionsand behaviors, having a culture of accountability in the workplace includes being heldresponsible for...

What is Professionalism and Why is it Important?

Professionalism reflects a set of qualities and behaviors exhibited by a person in the workplacethat demonstrate their commitment to deliver high quality and efficiency in a given job. It’simportant...

5 Tips to Stop Procrastinating

Procrastination is the act of delaying important tasks by engaging in more enjoyable ones thatrequire less effort and focus. The habit of procrastination stops people from achieving theirgoals, both...

Ways to Achieve Intellectual Wellness at the Workplace

There is no definite way to achieve mental wellness, because there are several aspects ofwellness. The eight dimensions of wellness include: emotional, social, physical, occupationalspiritual,...

How to Create a Culture of Appreciation at Work

Nurturing a culture of appreciation and encouragement at work is necessary for the success ofany organization. A culture of appreciation exists when leaders make their employees feelvalued in the...

How to Manage Work Stress

Work stress can be considered normal when you’re under time pressure or when you’restruggling to meet a target but when work stress becomes chronic and constant, it can take a tollon one’s mental...

Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset

Carol Dweck, American psychologist and professor, coined the term growth mindset to describethe belief that intelligence and talents are not fixed but they can be improved over time. On theother...

Importance of Gratitude in Every Day Life

Research in positive psychology has proven that having a grateful attitude improves anindividual’s mental health, helps them build strong relationships, and boosts their morale. Factorslike heavy...

The simulation was very professional and inspiring, and the trainers were very helpful and knowledgeable

Program Advisor, GIZ


Flexible, professional and customer focused

HR& Admin Senior Director, IMC

What you taught me on these two days changed my life

Head of operations committee, Enactus Misr University

By everyone’s testimony, this is the best team building we have ever had so far

HR Manager, PepsiCo Egypt

The training was a turning point in my life

Graduate, ECDC Program

Being a single Mum, I am not afraid of society, I discovered a lot of things about myself.

A single mum

Now we are able to use experiential learning techniques to make study fun and interesting.

A School Teacher

Thank you Aspire, I learned something real and not fake.

A university Student

An exceptional experience

Corporate Enterprise Director, Vodafone Egypt

A very professional team, our expectations were surpassed

Country Manager, Boehringer Ingelheim



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