BELBIN Assessment EN

To complete each section of this inventory, check in the far-left hand column the one, two or three sentences most applicable to yourself and press select. Then in the column on the right, apportion 10 points between those sentences that apply to you: one of which you feel sums you up well while the other only applies some of the time. In this instance you could give your first choice 7 points and the remaining points to your second choice. In some instances, you might decide that there are two sentences which apply to you equally - if this is the case, award 5 points to each.

Section A: When involved in a project with other people:


1. I can be relied upon to see that work that needs to be done is organized.

2. I pick up slips and omissions that others fail to notice.

3. I react strongly when meetings look like losing track of the main objective.

4. I produce original suggestions.

5. I analyze other people’s ideas objectively, for both merits and failings.

6. I am keen to find out the latest ideas and developments.

7. I have an aptitude for organizing people.

8. I am always ready to support good suggestions that help to resolve a problem.

Section B: In seeking satisfaction through my work:


1. I like to have a strong influence on decisions.

2. I feel in my element where work requires a high degree of attention and concentration.

3. I am concerned to help colleagues with their problems.

4. I like to make critical discrimination between alternatives.

5. I tend to have a creative approach to problem solving.

6. I enjoy reconciling different points of view.

7. I am more interested in practicalities than new ideas.

8. I particularly enjoy exploring different views and techniques.

Section C: When the team is trying to solve a particularly complex problem:


1. I keep a watching eye on areas where difficulty may arise.

2. I explore ideas that may have a wider application than in the immediate task.

3. I like to weigh up and evaluate a range of suggestions thoroughly before choosing.

4. I can co-ordinate and use productively other people’s abilities and talents.

5. I maintain a steady systematic approach, whatever the pressures.

6. I often produce a new approach to along continuing problem.

7. I am ready to make my personal views known in a forceful way if necessary.

8. I am ready to help whenever I can.

Section D: In carrying out my day-to-day work:


1. I am keen to see there is nothing vague about my task and objectives.

2. I am not reluctant to emphasize my own point of view in meetings.

3. I can work with all sorts of people provided that they have got something worthwhile to contribute.

4. I make a point of following up interesting ideas and/or people.

5. I can usually find the argument to refute unsound propositions.

6. I tend to see patterns where others would see items as unconnected.

7. Being busy gives me real satisfaction.

8. I have a quiet interest in getting to know people better.

Section E: If I am suddenly given a difficult task with limited time and unfamiliar people:


1. I often find my imagination frustrated by working in a group.

2. I find my personal skill particularly appropriate in achieving agreement.

3. My feelings seldom interfere with my judgement.

4. I strive to build up an effective structure.

5. I can work with people who vary widely in their personal qualities and outlook.

6. I feel it is sometimes worth incurring some temporary unpopularity if one is to succeed in getting one’s views across in a group.

7. I usually know someone whose specialist knowledge is particularly apt.

8. I seem to develop a natural sense of urgency.

Section F: When suddenly asked to consider a new product:


1. I start to look around for possible ideas and openings.

2. I am concerned to finish and perfect current work before I start.

3. I approach the problem in a carefully analytical way.

4. I am able to assert myself to get other people involved if necessary.

5. I am able to take an independent and innovative look at most situations.

6. I am happy to take the lead when action is required.

7. I can respond positively to my colleagues and their initiatives.

8. I find it hard to give in a job where the goals are not clearly defined.

Section G: In contributing to group projects in general:


1. I think I have a talent for sorting out the concrete steps that need to be taken given a broad brief.

2. My considered judgement may take time but is usually near the mark.

3. A broad range of personal contacts is important to my style of working.

4. I have an eye for getting the details right.

5. I try to make my mark in group meetings.

6. I can see how ideas and techniques can be used in new relationships.

7. I see both sides of a problem and take a decision acceptable to all.

8. I get on well with others and work hard for the team.

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