Are you an Introvert? II
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Jun 21, 2021

Previously we were talking about what are the signs if you’re an introvert, this is the second and last instalment of the series.

5)  Too much of good thing is, well too much

Not only are large gatherings in public exhausting for you, they keep you from actually engaging or enjoying yourself with anyone because you’re too unfocused and distracted with so many stimulants (people, music, noise, etc.)

6)  You have high self-awareness

Because of your tendency to avoid social engagements, you’re more often than not alone with your thoughts. As a matter of fact, you quite enjoy being alone because it gives you time to reflect on your thoughts and emotions. You might enjoy certain activities that you involve you being alone, just so you can have the time to you reflect.

7)  Watch and learn

When learning something new, some people like to try it themselves and see how they fare. You however are different, you enjoy watching someone else do it. By repetitive watching, you focus immensely till you pull it off yourself.

8)  Independence is your comfort zone

You will find you tend to choose activities, hobbies, and more importantly, jobs that involve being independent from people. The less social interaction required, the better for you.

Now that we have an idea whether you’re an introvert or not, let’s find out how it came to be in the first place.

Why are some people introverts?

To understand this question, we have to take a quick physiological tour. The more we learn about psychology, the more we understand how physiology affects it.

There is a neurone network called the reticular activating system (RAS) that’s in charge of regulating the arousal levels needed for tasks like waking up or falling asleep. This means, it has a role in your attitude when you’re awake. 
Specifically, it controls how much data can you process while you’re awake.

What differs from one person to another is this, the basic set point where the arousal levels are. Meaning, for each person, the level they have that determines when they will be stimulated or become alert, is different.

For introverts, those levels are high, which means they constantly experience everything to the highest degree of alertness. That is exhausting.

It explains why they will try to avoid busy and crowded areas because to them, it’s too overwhelming and exhausting to take it all in all the time.

Being alone provides them with the relief and break they need.

This information is crucial for the next segment.

Misconceptions about Introverts

Most people will correlate being an introvert with having a general dislike of people. Their perceived dislike of people is nothing more than them simply needing rest for themselves.

At any rate, we all dislike some or even a lot of people. Introverts simply have less energy to are around people in general.

In reality, some studies show that true relationships with introverts are more stable than with extroverts because they prefer to exert their energy into fewer relationships which makes them more genuine and healthy.

How to deal with an Introvert?

So you’ve read these two articles, or you’ve done an online quiz and found that you aren’t an introvert, how about the introverts in your life? With this newfound info, how do you proceed with it moving forward?

  1. Firstly, appreciate the emotional effort they put in for you. It wasn’t easy for them. Yes we’re all required to do that, but if they go above and beyond, show them that you recognise that.
  2. If they’re not up for all the activities that you want to do, don’t take it personally. It’s normal and healthy for them to recharge so that next time, they’ll be happier when they come, so give them the space they need.

There’s so much to learn about this topic. These two articles are the product of some light research into it and there’s still so much more to read and learn. Go online or ask your therapist about this and learn more about it so you can better understand yourself and those around you.

Until next time, take care.

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