How to Empower Women at Work
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Dec 19, 2022

Encouraging diversity and empowering women in the workplace is one of the most important
aspects of creating long-term employees. Not only does women empowerment positively impact
a firm’s overall performance and culture, but it also impacts their position in society as a whole.

Benefits of Women Empowerment at Work:

  1. Closing gender gap reduces poverty
  2. Giving them opportunities to learn increases economic growth
  3. Highlighting their voices shifts conversations around topics like sexual and physical
    abuse, which brings positive change in a society
  4. Diversity in the workplace leads to innovation

Four Ways to Empower Women in The Workplace

1.Accommodate to their needs

Women’s needs cannot be clustered into one group. There are new mothers, single parents, fresh
grads, and many more different seasons of life for women. Their needs will look different, and it
can impact their work. For that reason, being flexible and accommodating can be the reason they
feel supported.

2.Promote women to leadership roles

Assuming that a woman cannot be in a position of leadership because of her nurturing and caring
nature is a stereotype that many businesses lean into. They end up missing out on great
innovative ideas and setting a culture that does not recognize their high achieving women.

3.Amplify their voices

Encourage women to share their opinions and ideas in meetings. When they feel heard, not only
will they be encouraged to bring innovative ideas to the table, but they will also speak up if they
feel unsafe. Silence can stem out of fear of not being heard, which can let immoral and unethical
behavior go unnoticed in a firm.

4.Watch out for discrepancies between pay rates

Women should receive equal pay for equal work and experience. Making sure that women
receive it is the way to make them feel valued and appreciated at work.

5.Give them mentoring opportunities

Support can be offered to women in terms of training and mentoring groups by other women in
senior positions. This can create a safe space and a solid foundation for women.

Reflection Questions:

  • What are barriers to female empowerment?
  • How can I support other women in my organization?
  • How can change in the workplace bring a change in society?

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