Insecurities: What do they look like?
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Feb 17, 2021

Last time, we discussed how therapy can be truly vital for us to be able to understand our mental struggles, and we identified insecurities as one of the prevalent issues we deal with to discuss.

The hope is, while reading this, you see something that strikes a nerve with you and makes you think, “This sounds familiar” and in doing so, you can finally go seek professional help to soothe your mental and psychological issues.

Naturally, we pray that you never have to go through these problems in the first place, but sadly living in this world, simply doesn’t often afford us such luxury.

1) Everyone is watching you

This is quite common where sometimes you feel like everyone around you is watching your every move. If you’re grabbing coffee and you spill, you freeze and panic because you think everyone in the shop is staring at you, or judging you.

If someone is looking somewhere in your direction and laughing, you assume it’s at you.
It’s a fear of judgment mixed with a lack of self-esteem.

2) No one would like my interests or opinions

This is prevalent in people who are generally shy or introverts. They believe that whatever they have to offer isn’t worth noticing.
You think your music taste is weird, or your taste in fashion is bad. You mistrust your own opinions when someone louder is speaking in the same room. You question yourself as soon as someone casts any shadow of a doubt on your thoughts.

3) Thoughts on ending my life

This happens more often than people care to admit, and it’s harshly judged or ostracized without properly dealing with it. If you’re experiencing thoughts of taking your own life, you must get in touch with a therapist ASAP.
It’s serious, but it’s also normal and treatable and can be largely minimized with the proper attention.

4) I’m lonely

Sadly, this is one of the toughest and most complicated feelings one can experience. Loneliness is something that not only psychologists have tried to take on, philosophers have spoken about mankind’s struggle with loneliness for centuries, so you’re definitely not alone in this.

5) I’m not attractive

The world we live in is one that glorifies Instagram models and fashion icons. Naturally we all compare ourselves and find ourselves undermined. These standards we put ourselves against are seriously misguided. The objective standard for beauty is far from whatever these platforms offer, and yet it’s difficult and we will continue to struggle with it.

Some of us suffer more than others though and it can really be detrimental to their mental health.

6) I’m a failure

Once again, because we put ourselves in comparison with others whether in our lives or public figures, we find ourselves out of our depth. Celebrities showing off their accomplishments and constantly flaunting their extravagant lifestyles can easily push us into an area where we feel inadequate.

The same happens if a lot of our friends or relatives have reached certain levels of success in their lives. This hectic fast paced world we live in, makes us feel like we’re in a race against time and each other.
Well, this can be extremely toxic and overwhelming.

Next time, we’ll talk about what happens if you don’t address your insecurities.

Be safe, take care, and wear a mask.

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