Insecurities: Yes, you have them.
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Feb 8, 2021

Recently there’s been a surge in the number of people who go to therapy.
While this might sound as a reason for concern, it’s actually a great sign.

People are finally realizing their need for therapy, and slowly the stigma around going to therapy is beginning to erode.
This is huge progress considering just five years ago, people just assumed you’re unhinged if you say you were in therapy.

One of the reasons that have propelled people to be more comfortable about going to therapists, is that they’ve begun to understand more about the issues that trouble them.
Between anxiety, depression, addiction and insecurity, we go through so much pain and abuse and our minds need the treatment it so desperately deserves.

Still a lot of us still don’t see ourselves ever going to a therapist and opening ourselves to a stranger. This is detrimental to our psychological health and mental state.
If you have a physiological illness, meaning anything that’s wrong with your body, wherever or however private it may be, you still wouldn’t hesitate to go and get it the proper medical attention it warrants.

Why then would we treat our minds differently?
If you suffer from any kind of mental and psychological hindrances, you should seek medical attention from the appropriate personnel. Otherwise you run the risk of so many consequences which you can’t begin to fathom and would be difficult to recuperate from if left accumulated.

For starters, you need to be okay with the idea of having an issue to begin with.
That’s not to say that you should go looking for something to be wrong with you, but it is necessary to be sure of that.
In a society that discourages these ideas, it could be likely that you’re ignoring problems you suffer deeply from.

So once again, to being with, it’s okay to acknowledge that yes, you can and probably do suffer from psychological problems. Let’s look at the most common type, which is basically part of the starter package of every human’s life; insecurities.

What is insecurity?

In simple terms, insecurity is a lack of confidence. It’s a disturbance in our emotional security and it means our psychological resilience is, well it’s probably lacking.

It means there’s an imbalance in your system, and it will cause you to act differently and you won’t be yourself. In fact, these insecurities often trigger defense mechanisms as an attempt to hide these frailties, only to further push you away from being who you truly are.

What causes insecurity?

There’s no one reason. It’s what we call, a multifactorial problem. Meaning, it can be caused by several factors, al interchangeable with other factors and can coincide with each other or not. It can be sudden from a severe trauma, or can come as a result of accumulated stimuli.

The only way to find out exactly what caused it, is to go to a therapist.

Don’t let the stigma hold you back from literally improving your mental health tenfold. If you’re struggling mentally, then treat yourself and go yourself checked out, it will do wonders to your psyche which can reflect on your relationships, your job, and your outlook on life as well.

Next time, we’ll talk about the types of insecurities that are common out there, to help you see if you notice any kind of them recurring in your own life.

Take care, be safe and as always, wear a mask.

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