Integrity at the Workplace
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Nov 28, 2022

Having integrity means having moral and strong values that guide your actions without having
an expectation of receiving an award for doing them. It means doing what is right when no one is
watching because your motivation is not for the approval of others, but out of a deep desire to
stick to your principles. Integrity in the workplace is the core of a healthy and thriving work
environment, because necessary characteristics like accountability and professionalism cannot
exist without integrity.

Five attributes of integrity:

1- Respect

An integral person honors and respects coworkers, especially when conflicts arise. You have
social skills that help you manage conflict in a way that is not passive nor aggressive, but
assertive. It’s a method that firmly gets its message across without disrespecting any party.

2- Honesty

It’s important to tell the truth without fear and communicate with others with complete
transparency. Honesty around topics such as time, expectations, and abilities is necessary for a
person who lives with integrity.

3- Punctuality

Part of being integral is to value other people’s time. Even if other people show up late, an
integral employee keeps their word when they specify a time to meet.

4- Dependability

An integral person is known for their work ethic because their words are followed through with
actions to the extent that coworkers and employers know that they can count on them to meet
deadlines or get tasks done.

5- Non Compromise in Values

A person who lives with integrity lives with strong principles and does not compromise them for
the sake of pleasing others. They don’t compromise in their values even when faced with
adversity, and even when it won’t be beneficial to them.

How to work with integrity in the workplace:

1- Don’t share confidential information/ gossip about coworkers

This traces back to living with genuinity and sincerity. If you give your word to someone that
you won’t spread private information, then it’s the integral thing to stick to your word. If you
can’t find the courage to say something to your coworkers face, then avoid sharing it in their
absence with other coworkers. Gossip culture sucks the integrity out of any workplace and
fosters an environment of hostility.

2- Report unethical behavior

As a person with ethics, it’s your responsibility to report any unethical behavior that you witness
in the workplace. Make sure to privately speak to your immediate supervisor and to report from a
place of concern rather than a place of self-righteousness.

3- Admit when a mistake is made

An integral person not only tells the truth, but lives with accountability. They don’t throw the
blame on others but their honesty makes them own up to their own shortcomings and mistakes.

4- Work your hours

Being integral means making the most out of the working hours that you’re being paid for, rather
than slacking off and wasting time. Working hard with intentionality is a reflection of your
character and work ethic, and will definitely be the thing that will make or break your reputation
at work.

Reflection Question:

● How have I demonstrated a lack of integrity in my work?
● Do I tend to share information that was explicitly described as confidential?
● Have I witnessed any unethical behavior that I refuse to rep

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