The Importance of Team Bonding
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Dec 12, 2022

Bonding with coworkers is not only important for the efficiency of the firm, but it’s also
important for the mental and emotional wellbeing of employees. Like a cycle, emotional
wellbeing and efficiency inevitably impact each other. Team bonding is defined as the process of
a team learning how to trust and communicate with one another. It occurs through fun activities,
outings, workshops, or even small acts of kindness. Not only does this process make
communication easier because of enhanced interpersonal relationships, but it also increases
productivity because of an increased commitment to the organization.

Tips to Enhance Team Bonding:

1.Play games that help you get to know each other

Play games that can help employees reveal fun facts about themselves. An example can be staff
bingo, which is an excellent way to start. Hand out to each employee a printed bingo chart with
squares that contain fun facts like “has a pet” or “never went skydiving”. Employees will then
walk around and ask others if they have a pet or have gone skydiving, so they can cross out the
boxes and win. The goal is for them to find a person to fit in each category, that way they will
win and also learn more about their coworkers.

2.Start encouragement trains

People love to be praised and recognized. As a form of encouragement, take a few minutes from
your next meeting to acknowledge your coworker’s hard work, to congratulate them for a
milestone, to appreciate an act of kindness, or to point out anything positive that they have been
doing. An encouragement train makes people feel appreciated and seen, which in turn will
enhance the bond they have with others.

3. Have occasional theme days

If it’s currently not feasible to do something outside of working hours, you can also aim
to make working hours light and fun. Having theme days at work breaks the everyday routine,
and is a perfect way to bring joy and laughter into the firm as people discuss their outfits or

4.Be an initiator

Sometimes we can avoid initiating with other people out of fear, anxiety, and pride. When we let
these factors stop us, we end up missing out on meaningful relationships and memories with
others. Think about one person in your organization that you want to initiate with. Reflect on
what might be stopping you from initiating with them, and then think of a way you can take
active steps to start a friendship with them. This can happen through a random act of kindness, a
quick check-in, or a coffee run.

5.Seek professional service providers

Professional service providers plan retreats, workshops, and activities that can enhance and
solidify relationships between staff members. Seeking professional services breaks the ice and
helps staff form a bond naturally.The services are an essence to all of the above points, since they
can assist in planning games, and executing workshops that challenge us into becoming
courageous initiators and encouragers.

Reflection Questions:

● How does team bonding impact performance?
● Is there a relationship at work that needs repair? What role can I play in fixing it?
● Who can I encourage this week?

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