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Oct 12, 2020

If you’ve been following our blog these past few months, you’ll notice we usually start off with a quote that’s either directly from a film, or a quote not from the film but is relevant.
If we were to try and do that here, this whole article would be just quotes from this movie. That’s how inspirational it is.
There is very little to add to this movie once you’ve seen it, which we highly recommend. It’s modern, relatable, relevant and insanely funny. Most of all, it’s actually quite refreshing.

There’s room in this film for so many of us to feel like it’s addressing something we’re facing. Whether it’s social awkwardness and an inability to create bonds with coworkers or peers, or a need for some self confidence in our own abilities, or perhaps a nudge in the right direction, there’s something of everything packed in this film.

This movie was made in 2013, but it could be accurately depicting a situation that’s no doubt happened to millions around the world in the aftermath of the pandemic; unemployment.

Our hectic lifestyles and pressures work environments often make us forget certain key values about ourselves that we need in order to be good at what we do in the first place. If you’re so pressured by work in an unforgiving context to the point where you forget to believe in your abilities, what’s the point?

The story in this movie highlights so many important values that we need to remember for the sake of not only our employment status, but more crucially for our mental and psychological well-being.

In an ever-changing world moving at a much faster pace than previous generations, Billy and Nick face unemployment due to the death of a market because of the digital age.

In order for you to enjoy the movie, we won’t divulge any spoilers.
Nevertheless, we’ll share a simple thought before we encourage you to put this movie at the top of your to-watch list.

The criteria upon which we are judged, especially in the market place, is always changing and evolving and it’s never been changing as quick as it has than it is today. That’s the effect of the digital age in the 21st century. This applies to almost anything you can think, sports and the type of athletes in them, music and the success of new artists, fashion, automobiles, insurance, etc…

There is one unmovable variable however that luckily hasn’t changed and won’t anytime soon, your character.

It’s not about the skills that might help you face adversity, it’s about the mentality with which you face this adversity. The person who triumphs the most in life isn’t usually the most skilled, it’s the one who is most adept at facing obstacles and rising above them.
It’s the person who isn’t shy to ask for help, and is more than willing to help those around them when they’re in the same jam.
It’s the person who learns to believe in themselves, and not be unrealistic at the same time.
It’s the person who knows their own self-worth and won’t be let down by someone who doesn’t their worth.
It’s the person who has fallen so many times they lost count, but they keep getting back up.
Nothing so far has been said about skills. This is not to say they don’t matter, on the contrary, if you don’t work hard, it won’t matter what you try to do. But the main point is this, skills should complement the character, not the other way around. Build your character first, then supplement it with the skills you need to flourish. Your talents and degrees and experience won’t help you, if you haven’t provided the right platform for yourself to showcase them.

Believe this, your most prized asset will never be a material possession, or someone’s evaluation of you, or a piece of paper you hang on your wall, it’s you. Each of us carries within the innate uniqueness of being who we are, and if we capitalize on that and enrich our characters and personalities and believe in ourselves, then the possibilities become endless because, there’s no one quite like us, and there never will be.

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