Ways to Achieve Intellectual Wellness at the Workplace
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Oct 31, 2022

There is no definite way to achieve mental wellness, because there are several aspects of
wellness. The eight dimensions of wellness include: emotional, social, physical, occupational
spiritual, financial, environmental, and intellectual. It’s important to invest in intellectual wellness
because it leads to growth on a personal and professional level. To achieve intellectual
wellness, you need to develop a growth mindset rather than a fixed one. By definition,
intellectual wellness is the ability to think critically, expand one’s knowledge and skills, and find
new ways to be creative.

Benefits of Intellectual Wellness

1.Developing your own opinions

Achieving intellectual wellness means increasing one’s exposure to different opinions and ideas
and thinking critically, therefore developing the ability to form one’s own opinion rather than
absorbing ideas without analyzing them.

2.Being more attractive to employers

Employers want employees that have the ability to learn new skills and adapt to changes.
Working on your intellectual wellness makes you more desirable to firms as you become an
asset to the employer.

3.Becoming self-aware

Intellectual awareness is not just an awareness of the world but also an awareness of oneself.
Journaling and reflecting on ways to grow opens a door to self-discovery.

4.Building new connections

Becoming self-aware will ultimately impact your interpersonal relationships and communication
skills. Apart from that, attaining intellectual wellness leads to an openness to learn about
different cultures, which leads to the formation of new friendships and the awareness of different

Ways to Increase Your Intellectual Wellness

1.Get in the habit of reading

The number of readers have declined over the last 20 years with the rise of technology and
therefore the overwhelming stimulation and distraction. Making reading a habit, even for ten
minutes a day, can go a long way. Rather than spending time on your phone before bed, grab a
book of your interest and read for ten minutes before you sleep. It can be a mind-expanding
genre like self-help, business, science, or philosophy.

2.Listen to educational podcasts

If you find it difficult to read, you can start listening to new podcasts. You can learn a lot from
inspirational podcasts, ted talks, and youtube videos. You can start with powerful ted talks like
the well known “The Power of Vulnerability” by Brene Brown, “Body Language” by Amy Cuddy,
and “Choice, Happiness, & Spaghetti Sauce” by Malcolm Gladwell.

3.Read the news

It’s important to stay on top of social and political issues, in order to become aware of current
events. Becoming politically aware and listening to different points of views helps us develop an
understanding of what the world looks like outside of the bubble we unintentionally create for

4.Don’t say no to trying new things

Being afraid of failure deprives you of many experiences and prevents you from reaching your
potential. If you get the opportunity to try new things, go to events, join dance classes, and learn
new languages.

5.Play games that enhance brain stimulation

While achieving intellectual wellness, you don’t have to be so serious all the time. Your methods
to attain intellectual wellness don’t have to be grand, it can be as simple as playing a game.
Many games require thinking critically and analyzing the body language of our opponents, and
these factors expand our knowledge and experience over time.

6.Learn a new hobby

Playing an instrument, joining a sport, and learning a new language are all ways to expand your
horizons. Not only are you expanding your knowledge and skills, but you are also engaging in
fun activities that will ultimately impact your mental health positively.

Reflection Questions

● Is there a new passion that I’m not engaging in due to a fixed mindset?
● Am I politically aware? Or is my knowledge limited by my privilege?
● Do I find it difficult to develop my own opinions? Why or why not?

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