Work Habits That Will Improve Your Career
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Jan 30, 2023

Our characters are made up of the decisions that we make, and those decisions are shaped by a series of choices that turn into habits. Our daily habits pour into other areas of our lives, including our professional one. If these habits are not beneficial ones, it can easily block our professional growth and stunt our careers. For that reason, it’s important to adopt new habits that can enhance our career.

Here are five ways to improve your career and enhance the quality of your work:

1- Regularly ask for feedback

The easiest way to spot areas that need improvement is to ask people around us to give us constructive criticism. Receiving criticism with an open mind makes us aware of the weak areas that can be improved. On the other hand, being defensive can keep us oblivious of the areas that need to be changed. Make it a habit to regularly ask for feedback without taking it personally and to brainstorm possible ways to deliver a higher quality of work.

2- Go to relevant workshops and events

If there are any workshops, conferences, or events that are relevant to your industry then make sure to attend them in order to learn from them. This will also expose you to experts in your industry, which can be a good opportunity for you to find mentors. It’s an efficient way to network with like-minded people and gain new friendships that you can learn from.

3- Step outside of your comfort zone

To step outside of your comfort zone, you need to think about what this zone consists of. Figure out what it is exactly that brings you discomfort and think of small ways to step into them. If it’s public speaking, sign up for presentations or events that get you to socialize with others. Start taking risks and taking on tasks that can stretch your character and develop your skills.

4- Invest in your intellectual wellbeing

Intellectual wellness is the openness to learn new things and to develop new skills. It’s a desire to expand your knowledge by reading books, taking on new hobbies, or learning a new language. It also includes the ability to think critically and to dismiss any biases. Adopting healthy habits like reading books, especially ones that have to do with your industry,  can increase your knowledge and skill.

5- Build a routine

Building a routine and sticking to it helps you stick to a healthy and structured lifestyle. Building a routine with healthy habits like getting enough sleep, being productive at work, setting time aside for friends and family can help you become a better employee as it helps you become more punctual and professional.

Reflection Questions:

  • How do I react when I’m met with criticism?
  • How often do I make time for healthy habits like reading?
  • Is my routine harming my professional life or is it enhancing it?
  • How can I step outside of my comfort zone?

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