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Career Coaching Certificate Program

Career Coaching Certificate Program

  • A. Curriculum Components

    • Introduction to coaching, differentiating it from training, counseling and therapy
    • Clear understanding of the role of an effective coach
    • Profound understanding and application of the 8 ICF core competencies for coaching in the following 4 main areas:
    • Foundation (Demonstrating ethical practice, Embodying a coaching mindset)
    • Co-creating the relationship (Establishing and maintaining coaching agreements, cultivating trust and safety, maintain coaching presence)
    • Communicating effectively (listening actively, evoking awareness)
    • Cultivating learning & Growth (facilitating client growth)
    • Training the participants on running actual coaching sessions using coaching techniques, in the form of role plays throughout the school
    • Provide knowledge on career coaching through well-known theories and models in addition to learning how to apply then in the different coaching sessions.
    • Practice the use of 5 different widely used tools in facilitating the exploration and learning for clients in coaching sessions

    B. Program requirements

    • Bachelor Degree
    • Minimum 2 years working experience

    C. Program Time & Place

    • Total program Duration: 110 hours
    • Frequency of sessions: twice a week
    • Blended delivery of classes: combination of online and physical.
    • Timing of each session: Sundays from 6 to 10 pm /Tuesdays from 6 to 10 pm
    • Next round of coaching school: starts Oct 2nd and ends Dec 20th 2022

  • D. Program Rules & Regulations

    The participant will not receive a certificate if any of the following incidents occurred:

    • Absence exceeds 6 hours
    • Any of the homework is not delivered on time
    • Score of the final exam is lower than 75%

    E. Personal Information

  • Please contact this phone number to complete your enrollment: 0121 0860004

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