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Duration: 2 hours

The principles we present in this course are directly opposite to many of the “reigning values of society.” This course will help you to build your set of leadership principles. These principles will not only enable you to lead well in your team and organisation, but also in your family and community!

Module 1: Control, Manipulation vs Equipping, Serving

In this module, participants will clarify for themselves their own motive behind why they want to lead others.

15 minutes

Module 2: Reward-Based vs Responsibility-Based

This module will help participants understand the difference between reward-centred and responsibility-centred leadership.

15 minutes

Module 3: Owner Leadership vs Steward Leadership

This module takes a deeper look at the mindsets behind being owner-centred vs being steward-centred.

15 minutes

Module 4: Performance-Based vs Excellence-Based Leadership

This module will make participants aware of how leadership can either be a task-driven activity or a way of life.

15 minutes

Module 5: Passive Leadership vs Purpose Leadership

In this module, we will discuss the choice leaders have to make to follow either the high road or the low road.

15 minutes

Module 6: Individualistic Leadership vs Shared Leadership

In this module, participants will discover the difference between an individualistic and a shared mindset in leadership.

15 minutes

Braam Venter

George Carstens

If you want to know more about this course or our culture journeys, get in touch.

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