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Welcome to  TOTALFIT- Called to Be Free Program.
We hope you are ready for a life-changing experience
Gear up… and let us get started..

We are entering the 8-weeks TotalFit Called To Be Free program!


The physical workouts will train you in three fitness indicators:

Strength Endurance, Work Capacity, and Aerobic Capacity.

This type of training is beneficial for our overall health as many other metabolic processes in our bodies.

Every week, we will have three workout classes followed by some activities to be done individually on our platform

At the end of the month, you will be able to test yourself through a specific benchmark Totalfit Legend workout that all Totalfit athletes around the world repeat each year in a particular time window.

Every athlete will be invited to submit their results at to see themselves in the ranking system with others across the globe.

Everyone is welcomed to post their results on social media as well with #totalfitlegends. This will also unify the global Totalfit community together.

The training for the mind will focus on the development of the SOCIAL sphere of human nature. It will build us stronger not only for personal achievements but also for serving people who are dear to us.

Healthy lifestyle habits will encourage us to build new routine that will have great impact on the quality of life we live

The spiritual workouts will be centered around one theme, “Called To Be Free,” which will be unpacked and supported by four sub-themes each month.

Freedom of will is the key principle of human existence. For the first four weeks, we will work through the inner side of freedom

Get ready for a journey like no other!

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